Dr. Sander Weinreb
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Recent Interests

  • I am currently doing research -- for details, see www.CaltechMicrowave.org.
  • Received Jansky Award in 2011. For details, click here. To see a power point presentation of my jansky lecture, click here. For a video of my jansky lecture, click here.
  • Received Gote Reber Medal in 2008. For details on this, and a biographical summary of Dr. Weinreb's career, click here.
  • Order the latest Dr. W Video, "Noise in Microwave Circuits (HV2428)"
  • Read my 1963 Nature magazine article on Hydrogen in Space.
  • Read the abstract from a presentation, "The Search For Extra-terrestrial Intelligence:  The Ultimate Wireless Communication"
  • For my Sept 2012 Introduction to Radio Astronomy, click here.
  • To see a photo of my wife and I, click here.
  • Read my 2010 PowerPoint presentation on low noise amplifiers.
  • Read my PowerPoint presentation on my early life.
  • Read the course notes for a class I tought at UVA in 1987.
  • Read my 2005 presentation on Telescope Arrays.
  • Read my 2006 presentation on Frontiers of Radio Astronomy.
  • Click here to see a Nov 2000 picture of my heart.